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Cookies Policy

Last Update 07 January 2020


This Cookies Notice describes the different types of cookie and other technologies (“Cookies”) that may be used in connection with the websites and apps (“Sites”) owned and controlled by OMT Hotels Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Tune Hotels Sdn Bhd) (Company No. 002030895104200501035610), ECML Hotels Sdn Bhd (Company No. 201701022399), OHG Services Sdn Bhd (formerly known as TP Sepang Sdn Bhd) (Company No. 201101018275), and Tune (BVI) Limited (Company No. 1009516) (as applicable) including their respective franchisees (including but not limited to Tune Hotels Regional Services (UK) Limited (Company No. 7057962)), associates, related companies, subsidiaries and affiliates who operate hotels under the Tune, Ormond and/or MoMo’s brand (collectively referred to as “Ormond Group Hotels”, “Ormond Group” “we”, “our” or “us”). As the Ormond Group respects your data and your privacy is important to us, this Cookies Notice describes how you can manage the Cookies. For more information on how we use and protect your data please see our Privacy Policy.

If you have any queries in relation to how Cookies are used in connection with our Sites, our privacy policy, or any concerns or a complaint regarding the treatment of your privacy by us, please contact us at:

Name: Ms Cymantha Sothiar

Designation: Manager, Central Reservations Office


Address: PDPA Compliance Department, Ground Floor, Bangunan ECM Libra, No. 8 Jalan Damansara Endah, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2082 5651

Why do we use Cookies?

To make our Sites work better and to distinguish you from other users, we use Cookies, such as tagging. Cookies allows us to provide you with a customised experience without you having to remind us of your preference each time you visit our Sites. The data collected can be used to process your reservations or requests and to send you interest based content and relevant advertisements. These Cookies are not strictly necessary, but can enhance your experience.

What are Cookies and what do they do?

Like many other websites, our Sites may use Cookies and other technologies (such as “pixel tags”, “web beacons”, “clear GIFs”, links in emails, JavaScript, device IDs assigned by Google or Apple, or similar technologies.

A Cookie is a small text file which are downloaded and may be stored on your device or browser when you visit a website and assists with information flow and functionality. We use Cookies to support our Sites. For instance, some Cookies help with site security or provide information to help us maintain and improve the Sites. Information contained in certain Cookies may be used to personalise content – by logging numbers and provide grouped information about site or app navigation – this tells us if the user can find what they want. Each Cookie stores certain data that allows for specified purposes to be fulfilled.

Cookies alone cannot be used to disclose your individual identity to us, though in some cases we may tie Ormond Group and third-party Cookies to personal information you have provided to us or that we have otherwise obtained from you.

Cookies used on the site. 

We may use several different Cookies on the Sites, a brief explanation of the Cookies that may be used are set out below:

Essential Cookies are necessary for the proper operation of our Sites, and to enable you to navigate around it and to use its services and features. Disabling or blocking these Cookies may negatively impact your use and the security of our Sites during your visit.

Functional Cookies are used to provide you with the best user experience. These cookies are, amongst other things, used to save your language preference or booking information and could be used to remind you about reservations that you have started to make, thus saving you time if you want to complete your reservation at a later stage.

Session Cookies are only temporarily stored during your browsing session and are deleted from your device when you close your browser. We use these Cookies to understand your use of the Sites (e.g. which links you have used, how long you have stayed on the page and which pages you have visited) to deliver improvements to the user experience.

Persistent Cookies are saved on your device for a period of time or until you delete them. These Cookies are saved on your device so that they are available for your next visit, this allows us to keep a more accurate account of how often you visit the Sites, how often you return, how your use of the Sites may vary over time and the effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

Advertising Cookies allows us and other advertisers to show you the most relevant products, offers and advertisements on the Site and third-party sites, or through emails or other message platforms. These Cookies select advertisements that are based on your interest, including those expressed or inferred by visits to our Sites and other websites, online services and apps. These Cookies may also be used to limit the times you see an advertisement.

Advertising Cookies also includes Social Plug-In Cookies which are usually set by social networking provides to enable smooth and seamless sharing of content from the Sites with members and non-members of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Analytics Cookies serves to give us aggregated information about your use of the Sites and allows us to use such information to monitor site performance, count page visits, spot technical errors, see how users reach our Sites and measure the effectiveness of advertising.

Other Technologies allows us and third parties to know how you interact with the Sites, advertisements and to our emails and may be used to collect non-personal information or aggregate information. The information obtained and collected may be used to enhance your experience and understand traffic patterns.

Data collected informs personalised content such as advertisements.

The data collected by Cookies may be used (on the basis of our legitimate interests) to provide personalised promotional offers to you. For example we may do this in order to send you relevant offers and promotions by email (where you permit us to do so) We may also use this data to provide you with personalised promotional offers on selected partner websites (for example, you might see an advertisement for our products on a partner site such as Facebook and Google).

We also share some of your information with marketing service and ad technology providers and digital marketing networks, such as Facebook, Google and Adobe, to present advertisements that might interest you. For example, we may transfer information about you to such providers. The providers may then recognise your devices and send you interest-based content and advertisements. We may send the providers information such as your name, email, device ID, or other identifier in encrypted form and they may process your information in hashed form. These providers may collect additional information from you, such as your IP address and your browser or operating system. Information may be combined with information from other companies in data sharing cooperatives, who may place or recognise their own unique Cookie on your browser. These Cookies may contain demographic or other data. 

Further information on how we use your data, how you stop us sending you direct marketing communications such as emails and your other rights are set out in our Privacy Policy.

What are first and third party Cookies?

Cookies can be sent by different parties.

If the Cookies comes from our site it is a first party cookie. If it comes from another site, such as our marketing services or ad technology providers or business partners, it is a third party cookie, specifically chosen by us to provide a service, such as a more personalised visit.

The third party cookies we use include those provided by Facebook, Google and Adobe.

Do I Have to Accept Cookies?

You may reject Cookies. However, site and app functions will be affected. Cookies help our Sites to work properly and personalise your experience. You’ll be able to browse the Sites without them but some standard functionality, preferences and certain features will not work.

By accepting them, you allow us to improve your experience and remember information about you, which can personalise your experience.

To withdraw consent, you can reject or delete Cookies. Please see the Managing Your Cookies section below on how you can adjust your browser settings. 


By browsing or using our Sites you agree that we and the selected third parties in this notice can use (as described in this notice) data collected by the Cookies you allow. If you do not agree, you can withdraw your consent by setting your browser to reject Cookies, see below.

Managing your Cookies

There are several ways to manage Cookies. You can:

  • Set your browser to prevent Cookies from being accepted. More information should be in your browser’s “help” menu. How to adjust your browser will depend on which browser you’re using. 
  • Set some browsers to send you an alert when a website is trying to place a Cookie on your browser.
  • Block Cookies by activating the setting on your browser to refuse all or some Cookies. However, if you use your browser settings to block all Cookies including Essential Cookies, site access and features can be limited or not available.
  • Use an ad blocker to block any of the tools specifically or individually, including Google Analytics.
  • Delete Cookies stored in your browser by “clearing cookies”. This will only delete Cookies already stored. It won’t prevent new ones being accepted unless you change the acceptance settings. Also, clearing your Cookies on one browser of one device does not automatically clear them on another. You need to clear all browsers on all devices, independently.
  • Refuse specific Cookies, by using that Cookies opt out process, in the table at the end of this notice.

We are not responsible for the content or Cookies from external websites. If you follow a link from our website to a third party site, they will have their own privacy and cookie notice.

It’s important to note that restricting or disabling the use of Cookies can limit the functionality of our Websites, or prevent them from working correctly at all. If you choose not to allow Cookies you will still be able to browse the platform but your experience will not be as beneficial as if you have Cookies enabled. Without Persistent Cookies you will not be able to book a room or manage any existing bookings as Cookies are required for these processes to be completed.

To improve and personalise your visit, our website uses cookies in accordance with our Cookies Policy. By clicking accept, you agree to our use of cookies. For more information on how we can use cookies and how you can adjust your browser settings to block cookies, please refer to our Cookies Policy.



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