Top 5 Family-Friendly Vacations in Malaysia

It’s that time of year again, when the children are done with the school year and you’re stressing about planning a family holiday to an exotic destination. People tend to forget that we’re literally sitting on a gold mine when it comes to family-friendly trips right here in Malaysia. Why not take the fam around for a holiday that’s simply perfect within our very own tropical paradise?

Johor Bahru

If your kids (or you) can’t get enough of theme parks, look no further than Johor Bahru. The latest theme park to hit town is MCM Studio, a ‘Theme Park for All’ that isn’t just a mere talk. The world’s fifth largest indoor theme park houses attractions dedicated to various cartoons, from Garfield to Dinocore, that is sure to be a field day for the little tikes. At RM128 for a day pass, tickets may err on the pricey side but it’ll be worth it when you capture that ear-to-ear smile on their faces.


Taiping is another wonderful family destination to check out during the school holidays. Taiping zoo is a fantastic learning experience that doesn’t feel one bit like school, where your kids will get to met elephants, tigers, and rhinos. There’s even a night safari that offers a rare glimpse into the habits of nocturnal creatures. A short 10-minute drive from Tune Hotel Taiping, tickets are RM20 for adults while children below 12 get in for a mere RM10.


There’s a common misconception that Cyberjaya is dull and boring, but we beg to differ. Malaysia’s digital hub is close to an abundance of activities for the family to enjoy, and Tune Hotel D’Pulze is at the centre of it all. If you’re looking for ideas, how about literally pointing them out for yourselves? A short ride from the hotel is Skyrides Putrajaya, where you’ll be ascended to the clouds in a matter of minutes. The first of its kind in Malaysia, the hot air balloon affords a view of the city that feels thrilling. It only costs RM38 for adults and RM30 for children to get a perfect view of the town, including the Seri Wawasan Bridge.


Discover a tropical adventure when you fly over to East Malaysia! The city of Kuching in Sarawak, as its name suggests, is mad about cats. Hence, it’s only fitting that you make a visit to the Cat Museum, a short 15-minute drive from Tune Hotel Waterfront. It may include 4,000 distinct exhibits, but you’ll instantly realise that this is not your typical museum. Ancient Egyptian artefacts, advertisements from the 60s and interactive paintings are only some of the things you’ll discover on display. Entry is free, but it’ll cost you if you’re planning to snap a few photos.

Kota Kinabalu

The kids were probably cooped in that concrete jungle all year long. It’s time to discover the wonders of wildlife and nature in Sabah. One of the best ways to do so is to visit a wildlife sanctuary, Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, where the kids can learn about the importance of preserving endangered species. It might take a little while to get there, a 30-minute drive from Tune Hotel, but it’ll worth it when your children see an Orangutan for the first time.

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Family trips aren’t complete without sore legs and cranky children, but we’ve got you covered. All of the destinations we’ve mentioned are all short drive from a Tune Hotel, ready for your every need to get you all in tune for the next round.

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