Top 5 Attractions in Putrajaya

• Men Flyboarding at Marina Putrajaya Malaysia

It may be Malaysia’s administrative capital, but trust us when we say Putrajaya has more to offer than red tape and paperwork.

As a planned city where beatific architecture and exciting experiences have been built into its landscape, Putrajaya may just have a trick or two up its sleeve to surprise you. Time to get packing for a holiday experience that will be all in tune with your insatiable wanderlust.

1. Bird watching at Taman Wetland

Distance from Tune Hotel Cyberjaya: 16-minute drive

The ecosystem in Taman Wetland is truly unique, cultivating a range of biodiversity that excites nature lovers, particularly bird watchers. In fact, over 100 species of birds have been spotted at Taman Wetland, from swans and pelicans, to owls and swamp hens. The ecology here is so special that it is recognised as an Ecohydrology Demonstration Site by UNESCO. Remember to bring your binoculars for encounters that will feel almost in-your-face.

If the flappy and feathery aren’t your cup of tea, it’s still a wonderful place to bike around (rentals are available on site) and have a picnic.

Sunset View at Taman Wetland Putrajaya

2. Survival of the Fittest at District 21

Distance from Tune Hotel Cyberjaya: 9-minute drive

 District 21 Putrajaya Activity – Survival of the Fittest

Image Source: District 21 Putrajaya

Enter a post-apocalyptic world, which you’ll be invited to conquer at District 21. Tackle 10 exciting obstacles head-on, that will have you climbing, sliding, and swooshing through the air. It’s not an activity for the faint of heart, but this adventure will put your strength and stamina to the test within a controlled environment that is carefully monitored by trained professionals.

A strenuous experience demands a hearty reward at the end of it, so thank goodness for the wide variety of restaurants available within IOI Putrajaya mall.

3. Turn Up the Heat at Marina Putrajaya

Distance from Tune Hotel Cyberjaya: 11-minute drive

Men Flyboarding High Carrying Malaysia Flag at Marina Putrajaya Malaysia

Image Source:

Water babies, it’s time to get your feet wet. There’s a ton of water sports experiences down at Putrajaya. Strap in for a topsy-turvy water-skiing and wakeboarding experience or go classic with a jet ski ride around the humongous manmade lake. If you prefer something more exotic and thrilling, give flyboarding a go. You will be strapped to water jetpacks which allow you to soar in the air thanks to the wonder of hydropower. Talk about a science-fiction experience.

Woman Doing Stand-up Paddle Board Yoga on Putrajaya Lake

4. Photographers and OOTD hunters

General distance from Tune Hotel Cyberjaya: 20-minute drive

If you live for your social feed, Putrajaya is chock-full of photo ops. The varied landscapes and architectural beauties offer a picturesque backdrop, and a great place for your OOTDs and photography projects alike. So great in fact, that it’s a hotspot for wedding shots.

The Putra Mosque Putrajaya Sunset View

Popular places to snap include Taman Wetland, Putrajaya Lake, Putra Mosque (fondly referred to as Pink Mosque for its perfect millennial-pink pastel hue), Putrajaya Botanical Park, Palace of Justice, and Seri Wawasan Bridge, just to name a few.

Model Photograph at Putrajaya Malaysia

5. Live Your Cowboy Fantasies at Putrajaya Equestrian Park

Distance from Tune Hotel Cyberjaya: 12-minute drive

Imagine riding into the sunset of the wild-wild west, wind whipping through your hair, on a majestic stallion. Ride your steed at magic hour and let your imagination take you the rest of the way. It’s all possible here.

The little-known gem that is Putrajaya Equestrian Park is a fantastic place for those who want to learn horseback riding, with lessons for beginners all the way up to advanced riders. If you’re looking for a one

There’s tons more to do in Putrajaya, once you get to know the place a little better. It’s a wonderful way to experience art, nature, and architecture all at one place.

Once you’re tuckered out by all that Putrajaya has to offer, rest up at Tune Hotel Cyberjaya D’Pulze and get ready to do it all again the next day.

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