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Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Cyberjaya

To help you make the most of your visit, we have put together a guide for some of the top Cyberjaya attractions.

1. Hot Air Balloon in Putrajaya

For a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the magical city, have a ride in one of the colourful hot air balloons. To find this attraction, look out for the static hot air balloon next to the famous monument Alaf Baru. The hot air balloons are manned by professionals while on the ground and in the air. Each ride comes with premium pre-flight refreshments, a post-flight breakfast, and a certificate. Tickets are limited to 300 people per session, including morning, evening, and “Night Glow” sessions. Other exciting activities in the area include helicopter joyrides, paintball, outdoor laser tag, and more.

2. Cyberjaya Lake Gardens

Popular for jogging, walking, and cycling, this activity-free zone offers colourful and manicured gardens with wide roads for recreational activities. The gardens were designed to be a sanctuary for Malaysian plants and are a hub for educational research. The best way to experience the gardens is to cycle through its winding paths. Rent a bicycle in the gardens and enjoy an afternoon exploring and relaxing. If you are planning a special occasion, party or wedding, why not take advantage of the areas available for rent.

3. The Beautiful Bridges of Putrajaya

Wonder why the bridges are considered as part of the top attractions in Putrajaya? When you see the beauty that transcends from the mesmerizing Putrajaya bridges you will be in awe. People from all walks of life gather here to take photographs of these stunning bridges. The 650-hectare man-made lake boasts 8 beautiful bridges. One of the most popular for both locals and visitors alike is the futuristic Seri Wawasan Bridge. Its sleek architecture provides a beautiful backdrop for your photos. Other elegant bridges of interest in the city are Seri Gemilang Bridge and Seri Saujana Bridge. For truly beautiful photos, visit the bridges at night and witness the wonderful nighttime lighting and ambience.

4. Anjung Floria Garden Putrajaya

This elegant public park boasts an array of colourful flowers from different species. The Royal Floria Putrajaya annual garden festival is held here annually where floral displays are styled and themed according to the occasion. Anjung Park is a beautiful place for both visitors looking for a relaxing experience or photographers looking to capture the beauty of the colourful display. The China-Malaysia Friendship Garden, in particular, is a superb place to visit.


Cyberjaya is a beautiful city which boasts a series of awe-inspiring attractions. Give the above attractions a try to have a truly unique experience. To complete a wonderful vacation in Cyberjaya, book a comfortable hotel for you and your loved ones. Tune Hotel offers affordable, elegant and comfortable accommodation options inclusive of air-conditioning, en-suite bathroom, complimentary toiletries, television, and Wifi. What’s more, Tune Hotels is located within walking distance of The Gateway, where you can experience endless shopping and entertainment. To enjoy these wonderful amenities, book your stay with us by visiting our website today!

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