Top 10 Kuching Destinations for Nature Lovers

Kuching is recognized as one of the most attractive cities in Southeast Asia. It houses some of the must-see modern edifices in Malaysia. This is where the palace-like DUN building and the towering Menara Pelita are located. At the same time, it boasts an old-world charm through colorful temples and cultural small towns. In all its glory, Kuching is a destination not to be missed.

In the state of Sarawak, Kuching is perhaps the most extraordinary. Kuching certainly benefits from the tropical rainforest climate, highly civilized people, and delectable cuisines. In spite of its modern structures, you should not miss what truly defines Kuching. From its nature, wildlife areas, parks, and gardens; here are some nature-inspired spots you should see:

Semenggoh Nature Reserve

This nature and wildlife area will let you see orangutans and other animals in their natural habitat. An ideal spot for families and couples, this nature reserve also has a small museum where you can see crocodiles in an enclosure.

Bako National Park

Take a boat ride to get to the beach entrance. You will also have a close encounter with animals such as monkeys, boars, and lemurs. It comprises of many amazing floras and faunas all over Kuching.

Fairy and Wind Caves

Situated in the gold mining town of Bau, the Fairy Caves is known as a huge cave that houses several rock formations and small plants. Right after your trip to the Fairy Caves, you will see the Wind Caves where you can have an up-close experience with bats and birds.

Orchid Garden

There are more than 80 species of flowers growing in the peaceful garden. It includes the Normah orchid, the state flower of Sarawak. In order to get here from the city center, you will have to ride the “tambang,” a small wooden boat and walk up the hill.

Sarawak Cultural Village

It is more of a historic site but it is also a great place to visit if you want to see stunning sights and landmarks. You will get to see an amazing view of Mount Santubong and Damai Beach. The Sarawak Cultural Village is the perfect setting to meet the local tribes and taste traditional Kuching food.

Kubah National Park

If you want a real jungle experience, head to the Kubah National Park that is located 22 kilometers from the Kuching City. This tourist spot is perfect for trekking that will lead you to a lovely waterfall.

Kampung Panchor Hot Spring

Are you fantasizing about a natural hot bath while being surrounded by nature? If you are, then do not forget to take a trip to the Kampung Panchor Hot Spring. It will take you an hour to get here from the city center but this place is worth the visit especially if you want a truly relaxing place to stay.

Kuching Esplanade

This is the place to go if you would like to have some boat rides or go on a river cruise. This lovely waterfront in Jalan Main is notable for its beautiful view. It is best for couples because you can watch the sunset and take an evening stroll here.

Kuching Wetlands National Park

This nature park area features various types of animals, including Irrawaddy dolphins and Proboscis monkeys. Take a boat trip to further enjoy the sightings or go for a wildlife cruise for an unforgettable experience.

Mount Santubong

For those who are up for a challenge, do not miss stopping at Mount Santubong. It will test your body strength because of its tough climb. After a few hours of hiking, crystal clear waterfalls await you.

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