The Perfect Hotel Package for Practically Every Traveller in KLIA2

We can’t help but look forward to a holiday. It’s a thrill to tick off the packing list (or throw everything into a bag, we don’t judge) and get ready for bed knowing the next day won’t be like any other. Perhaps you’ll be lounging on a hidden tropical beach, or surrounded by cinematic mountainscapes, or hitting the pavement of a fast-paced city! But before you can begin that exciting escapade, there’s a looming presence between you and that vacation: the airport.

The mad rush and long wait times are probably some of the least enjoyable parts of travelling. For some of us who dread lingering at the airport for long, we take our chances and get there with barely enough time to scrape through immigration, security checks, and that long sprint to the gate which is almost always at the other end of the airport. Anxious travellers practice a bit more caution and arrive hours earlier than necessary, resulting in way too much time to kill and smelling like all the perfumes at the duty free store by the time your flight is ready to board.

A pleasant transit and pre-flight experience can make a dramatic difference to your entire trip. Read on to spot the kind of traveller you are, and which hotel package you’ll want to get to kickstart or round up your holiday all in Tune.

The Go-getter

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You love overnight flights because arriving first thing in the morning lets you get the most out of your day. Sleeping on the plane isn’t the most glamorous of lifestyles though. You usually touch the ground feeling groggy, gross, and in dire need of a strong cup of coffee.

What we recommend: Book the Early Morning Arrivals Package and enjoy two hours of access to a Tune Hotel klia2 room from 5am to 10am, so you can catch forty winks and freshen up before your day truly starts. Grab a hearty breakfast at MAKAN which is included in the package before heading down to the city where the action happens. We even offer RM10 off ERL tickets for you to get there! If you’re just stopping by for a bit before hopping on the next flight out, we have you covered too. Our VIP Fast Track ticket will get you from hotel room to waiting hall in a flash, skipping the queue at immigration entirely.

The High-powered Executive

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Work has you on the runway almost every other week, and you’re becoming too well-acquainted with the routine of travel. The long distance is one thing, but waiting for the plane is a whole different beast. You often find yourself stuck at the airport with too much time to kill and honestly, there’s only so much duty free window shopping and people watching a person can do.

What we recommend: Feel rested when you stay the night before at Tune Hotel klia2 with the VIP Package and hit the ground running. The free WiFi lets you catch up on emails and work if you feel like being productive, and, let’s face it, you always do. This package also comes with the handy VIP Fast Track pass, which gives you express counter check in for AirAsia flights and for immigration clearance. This give you more time to practice that winning presentation.

The Out-of-towner

You and the family are crammed into a car and making the drive down to KL for your flight. The kids may be excited for this family vacation, but your mind is already fretting about the hourly parking rates that you are sure to rack up if you leave your car at the airport parking.

What we recommend: For a better alternative to hourly rates, the Park & Fly Package lets you leave your car at Tune Hotel klia2 for a flat rate for either 3 or 5 days at a time. This package includes our exclusive VIP Fast Track tickets, so you won’t have to muddle your way through immigration with the tots in tow. It’s a nice little add-on to your hotel booking which comes with two free breakfast buffets, so you can start your holiday getting up on the right side of bed and board that flight with peace of mind.

The One On a Pit Stop

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You’re flying from one far flung place to another, with a layover in between that’s long enough to make it a chore. The awkwardly angled naps aren’t something you relish, so it’s unfortunate that airport seats seem especially crafty at that. To rub salt to the wound, you usually wake up more tired than before with the added bonus of a neat little creak in your neck.

What we recommend: Don’t waste the day away hunched at a corner of the airport. Book the Day Layovers Package and get access to a Tune Hotel klia2 room, where you can nap on actual hotel-quality beds while waiting for next flight. And where airport meals fail, MAKAN comes to the rescue. Dine on hot Western and Asian favourites, made to order in our kitchen, with a 20% discount. If you can’t bear the thought of going through immigration all over again, the VIP Fast Track pass is here to the rescue! Head straight to your gate without any of the hassle.

The Free Spirit

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Nothing’s worse to you than feeling trapped like a fish in a fishbowl. Airports aren’t the most comfortable spaces to pass the time either. The environment tends to be as dry as a lecture on the history of airport etiquette, and everything costs three times more for the same thing outside which does not bode well for your vacation budget.

What we recommend: Take a short walk to Tune Hotel klia2 to experience more than a breath of fresh air. Order a reasonably-priced hot meal made fresh from our MAKAN kitchen if you’re feeling peckish, with a drink from MINUM to put your holiday into gear. Or just drop by to take an #OOTD with our art installations within and around Tune klia2

No matter how you travel, there’s a package for everyone at Tune Hotel klia2.

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