Shop ‘Til You Drop in Johor, Malaysia

Johor, Malaysia is a great place to go shopping. The best way to enjoy this city is to scrimp and save as much as you can over a 6 month to 1 year period, then go on a holiday with an empty case and come back with several layers of clothing on and an overflowing suitcase!

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a great list of some of

the best shopping hot spots Johor has to offer:

City Square Johor Bahru Shopping Mall

So the best place to start is perhaps right in the center of the city, at the City Square Johor Bahru Shopping Mall. There’s 150 different retail outlets here and over 50 food and drink places for you to enjoy too. A great place to get the wallet warmed up.

Plaza Pelangi

Want to feel like you’re getting a little history in while you shop? The Plaza Pelangi is Johor’s most historic shopping mall and if you’ve been on a shopping holiday to Johor before no doubt you’ve already been here. With just the right level of ‘uptown’ feel to it, this plaza is a must visit.

Holiday Plaza

This three story shopping mall is the place to go for the best prices on Playstation games, Xbox games, computer games, Nintendo games and DVDs. On top of this you’ll also find a range of independent fashion retailers selling clothing for low prices. Plenty of bargains to be had!

Jusco Tebrau City

The biggest shopping mall in all of Johor is Jusco Tebrau City. Apart from retail outlets you’ll also find a wide variety of restaurants, karaoke places and movie theatres too.  It’s a bit of a one stop shop that’s certainly worth visiting.

One of the best things about Johor is that no matter where you start and end your shopping trip, there’s always little shops and markets around every corner, so just start wandering!

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