MRT in Malaysia: 5 Things You Need to Know About This New and Advanced Transportation

MRT Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Aside from its well-known city attractions, Kuala Lumpur is the ultimate tourist destination as it allows visitors to explore the city with ease and convenience.

In addition to the city’s built-in integrated transportation of cars and buses, traveling from one town to another will be faster and easier with the new, state-of-the-art Mass Rapid Transit or MRT in Malaysia.

It is designed to provide commuters a comfortable, fun, and unforgettable journey that’s highly functional and safe. Here are five things you should know if you want to experience riding in one of the most advanced transportation systems in Malaysia.


1. 51-KM Line System with Multiple Accessible Stations

MRT Map - Sungai Buloh Kajang Line (SBK)

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It’s not only ten, fifteen, or twenty; it’s thirty-one stations! Travelers or citizens coming from different parts of the city will have easier access to the 51-Kilometer long line system.

Each station is located near hospitals, universities, parks, and work institutions; which makes the MRT a recommended means of transportation for those who commute every day. MRT in Kuala Lumpur includes stations in Sungai Buloh, Phileo Damansara, Maluri, Sri Rya, Kajang, and much more!


2. Advanced Architecture in Stations and Hassle-Free Travels

An hour ride from Sungai Buloh to Semantan can be shortened to thirty minutes or less! You will be saved from all the hassles of confusing road signs, busy street walkers, and long traffic wait, thereby stopping your patience to reach its limit.

There are two types of stations – elevated and underground. The former is based on the architecture of wakaf, a traditional pavilion in Malaysia where people can rest and stop-by. The open environment allows natural lighting and ventilation.MRT station interior design 1 MRT station interior design 2

On the other hand, the underground stations are inspired by the Klang Gates Quartz Bridge. Its colorful theme depicts how diverse the culture of Malaysia is.


3. Easy Transfer System with an Interconnected Line System

Some stations like Muzium Negara, Pasar Seni, Maluri, and Kajang have integrated systems that connect them to other railway systems and allow them to transfer easily from one service rail system to another. Thus, if you are a traveler or someone who needs a place to stay, choosing a hotel in Kuala Lumpur with its proximity to public transportation won’t be difficult at all because the railway systems are built nearby to several prestigious hotels. You can refer to the MRT map posted on each station or have it downloaded from the website to your phone as a quick reference.


4. Affordable Services with Exclusive Discounts

The fare depends on the stations you will come and go. The farther your chosen arriving station is from your departing one, the higher amount you need to pay. As low as RM 1.10 (0.25 USD) and a maximum of RM 6.40 (1.5 USD) are all you need to have a ride.

If you are a student, a senior citizen, or a person with a disability, you are entitled to have a 50 percent discount on your trip. On the other hand, children aged below seven years old can enter free.

Aside from the exclusive discounts, other commuters will also have lesser cash transaction hassles with the help of a cashless payment mode via the Touch n’ Go card. It will reduce the cost of your fare from RM 1.00 to RM 5.50, depending on your preferred destination.


5. State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Each station has its own facilities such as customer service centers, comfort rooms, escalators, lifts, public telephones, and prayer rooms. There are also ramps, lifts, and strips in the platforms and walkways built for people with disabilities.

Also, there are 8,000 parking lots available at selected stations. There are lay-byes and covered walkways where passengers can stay comfortable while waiting.

Daily commuting will never be this cheap and easy with the newly built MRT in Malaysia. With a much shorter travel time, you do not have to worry arriving late to your destination.

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