Important Safety Tips for Hiking and Trekking in Malaysia

Every outdoor activity has its risks. What’s important is to take the required safety precautions, no matter where you are. In an article for The Star, Brandon Chee outlined some of the important safety precautions every hiker should take when exploring Malaysia:

  • Travel with someone. In case of an emergency it’s not a good idea to go it alone. And if you are traveling to a remote area, you should have a party of at least four people.

  • Notify local authorities of your itinerary. Leave a copy of your itinerary with a park ranger or local police. Include details of when you will be returning.
  • Enlist an expert. Ensure you have a local guide to show you the way.
  • Be fit. Make sure you’re in good physical condition and fit for the walk ahead. Many big treks require weeks or months of training beforehand.
  • Be prepared. Make sure you carry all of the necessary essentials with you including appropriate clothing, water, snacks and a compass.
  • Be weather wise. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and know the signs of an approaching storm. Stay away from rivers and waterfalls when it rains, stay away from exposed places in lightning storms and avoid exposure.
  • Get to bed early. Set up camp before dark. Trekking at night can lead to unnecessary accidents.
  • Don’t drink and hike. If you are having a drink, stay well clear of cliffs and edges. Your judgement and agility is reduced by alcohol consumption.

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