A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Your Kuala Lumpur Stay for the 29th SEA Games 2017

It’s going to be an exciting time this coming August, as Malaysia is going to be the host country for the SEA Games 2017. Many things have been done to prepare the country for the games, like the transformation of Bukit Jalil into a Sports City! Now, if you’re reading this as a visitor to Malaysia, we have prepared a handy little guide for you. Whether it’s your first time visiting KL, or if you’ve visited the city before, this guide offers valuable info for everyone.

Weather in KL

During the month of August, it is predicted to be mostly cloudy with chances of rain. However, do keep in mind that the climate in Malaysia is typically hot and humid throughout the year. Do pack with you thin clothes made of breathable material and a couple of light jackets to layer over in case it rains and gets a bit chilly. It’s also smart to carry around a compact umbrella or raincoat for emergencies. Don’t neglect the sunblock lotion as well. The sun rays in Malaysia can be pretty unforgiving.

How to Get Around the City

There are several options for getting around KL. You can choose to take public transport like the trains or buses. If you plan on taking a lot of public transport, it’s good to consider getting a Touch ‘n Go card, which will make your journey easier. The card can be purchased at KL Sentral and several other stations. To use the card, top up the amount you desire up to RM500.

Besides that, there’s also the option of using ride-hailing apps like Grab and Uber. They’re safe, convenient, and relatively easy to get ahold of. The use of those apps has grown increasingly popular amongst commuters in KL the past few years. If you don’t want the apps to charge your foreign card exorbitant rates, you can opt for the cash option.

Best Way to Travel to the Stadium for the SEA Games

More than RM1.6 billion has been allocated to transform Bukit Jalil into a Sports City. As a result of the first phase of the project, the Bukit Jalil National Stadium is ready to host the 29th Southeast Asian Games in Malaysia. The best way to travel to the stadium is by public transport, as there’s a train station that stops directly at the stadium.

To reach the Bukit Jalil National Stadium directly, take the Sri Petaling LRT line, and stop at the Bukit Jalil station. Do keep in mind, if you’re travelling during peak hours, it might be congested. If you’re not a fan of travelling by trains, you can also choose to travel by Uber or Grab. However, depending on the time of the day, traffic may be bad, and fares might double or even triple.

When Not Attending the SEA Games, What Is There to do in KL?

As the capital and also the most populous city of Malaysia, KL is both exciting and also diverse. With tourism being the central focus of the city, there are lots of attractions worth checking out. From cultural experiences to modern lavishes to nature exploration, you can be sure to find something to fill up your time in KL. A quick search on the Internet will return you more options than you have time for.

What to Eat in KL

Well, when it comes to dining, you’re in luck because it’s a food haven in KL. From restaurant dining to street food, there are a plethora of choices that will have your taste buds going into sensory overload. Street food can be found anywhere. Night markets is a local favourite for grabbing cheap eats that are authentic to taste. Shopping malls are also great for endless restaurants with mid-to-high price range.

Mamaks are so popular amongst locals and travellers alike, as they’re open 24/7 with delicious Indian-Muslim food and are typically very economical. As long as you keep an open mind and if you’re not afraid to try out new things, you’re never going to be hungry in KL. Your only worry is not being able to fit all the food you want to try in your tummy.

Best Value-for-Money Accommodation

Arranging for housing can be a real pain sometimes when you’re looking to meet the requirements of safety, convenience, comfort, and accessibility while trying to keep it cost-effective. Trying to keep to your budget is especially important when you’re staying for a longer period than your usual vacation. With over 275 rooms, the Tune Hotel Kuala Lumpur is your best bet at meeting all your accommodation needs. Hence, with the amenities of a full-fledged hotel together with affordable rates, we are a favourite choice amongst visitors to KL.

Our hotel is located at a brisk 6-min walk from Sultan Ismail LRT station, which can get you directly to Bukit Jalil Station, where SEA Games Kuala Lumpur is held. It’s also a 4-min walk from Medan Tuanku monorail station, which gets you to KL Sentral, the transportation hub that connects you the rest of the city.

A short walk away, you can also get your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs met at Quill City Mall or Sogo (KL) Department Store. One thing is for sure; there is no shortage of restaurants in the area. If you’re tired from all the walking, there’s also a free bus service, GO KL, available to you that takes you around the city centre.

Do keep in mind that occupancy might run out soon due to high demands as we’re nearing the SEA games. So, you best book a room now! Contact us today to find out our rates and availability.

With this guide on hand, we wish you the best of times visiting KL to enjoy the 29th Southeast Asian Games in Malaysia. If you’re ever in need of help, don’t be afraid to ask a Tune Hotels staff. We’re always ready and happy to assist, to ensure your stay at our hotel is the best one yet!

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