The Charm of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

If there is one vacation destination in Southeast Asia that should be included on your travel list, Kota Kinabalu is the place. Kota Kinabalu or KK as it is fondly called is one of Malaysia’s flourishing cities. This place has a lot to offer if you desire an exceptional vacation experience at a reasonable travel budget. There is an abundance of Kota Kinabalu attractions that will certainly fascinate you and make you wish you had traveled here sooner.

Before you take flight, it would be best to book a hotel in Kota Kinabalu ahead of your landing date. Your first objective is to book your stay at a hotel that will serve as the pivot point of your vacation. Once your accommodation concern is out of the way, you can plan your itinerary and work within your budget.

The Great Attractions in KK

Your itinerary will depend on the length of your stay in KK. Whether it’s a brief getaway or a week-long adventure, you will never run out of things to do in the capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state. At any rate, here are just five must-do activities that should add to your travel memory bank.

Take a Tour of Kinabalu Park

A trip to Kota Kinabalu will not be complete without taking a tour of the widely-acclaimed Kinabalu National Park. The park has been declared a World Heritage Site. Its main attraction is the towering Mount Kinabalu. Marvel at the granite dome of this majestic 13,435 feet high mountain. The park is also regarded as one of the world’s most important biological sites. It is surrounded by close to 6,000 plant species.

Be Invigorated in the Poring Hot Spring

After your Kinabalu Park adventure, continue the tour to the Poring Hot Spring. The place is definitely a natural wonder. You can bathe in sulfurous water to relieve your body of stress and aches while simultaneously stimulating it. Within close proximity of the hot spring site are the Poring Orchid Conservation Center, Butterfly Farm, and the Poring Canopy Walkway.

Get Your Ticket to Travel through the North Borneo Railway
If you want to a have a journey of a lifetime, buy your ticket to board North Borneo Railway’s old-fashioned steam engine. The four-hour train ride will take you on a countryside trip down memory lane. You will experience what it was like during the British colonial days. You’re lucky if your stay falls on a Wednesday or Saturday as the ticket booths are open only on these days.

Savor the Taste of KK

Kota Kinabalu boasts of the most exciting culinary dishes you’ll ever see. Its rich ethnic diversity gave rise to their image as a food haven in Southeast Asia. Restaurants and eateries serving Malay, Japanese, Cantonese, and Western food are scattered all over the place.

A must-try in KK is its hawker food which you can find in the Central Market. You can sample or feast on the food favorites in Malaysia such as the Kuching laksa or the appetizing pork dumpling (Gou Tie). You will never go hungry on the island. More importantly, you will not drain your food budget because you have the option to go street food or high-end.

Shop for Gifts and Souvenirs

The last thing you’ll probably do before ending your vacation in KK is to shop. There are plenty of good buys as well as bargain options for the thrifty shopper. If there is a shopping mall or night market close to your hotel, take advantage because you wouldn’t want to leave KK without gifts and souvenirs.

Kota Kinabalu is a gem of a location. It is modest in size but packs a lot of exciting attractions and activities to make a lasting imprint. In order to save time and make your visit stress-free, book a room here at Tune Hotels in Kota Kinabalu or contact us for more details. Our hotel is very close to the airport and within a shopping district for your convenience. Also, we will be more than delighted to arrange a tour for you. You can expect nothing but the finest service from the most popular hotel chain in Malaysia.

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