A Budget-Friendly Guide to Travelling in Malaysia

From its dense jungles to its pristine beaches, Malaysia is rich in vibrant culture and full of natural wonders to explore. The cuisine will also leave you wanting more. What’s even better is that traveling to Malaysia doesn’t have to cost you the earth. Here we’ll outline some expert tips for enjoying an unforgettable trip to this incredible place.

Street food

Experiencing some of the street food in Malaysia is a must. Hawkers are often selling the most authentic and delicious Malaysian cuisine so it’s definitely worth a try. Best of all, it will most likely only set you back around $1-3 Australian dollars! A bargain price for a meal, and oh so tasty too.


Like in most countries, the cheapest accommodation in Malaysia can be found at camping sites. If you’re visiting Taman Negara, camping is your best bet and will cost you around $1.60 AUD. If camping really isn’t your thing, you can get a dorm room at a hostel for as little as $7-15 AUD a night. Budget hotels usually start around $25 AUD per night.

Getting around

In Malaysia the taxis are not metered and if you’re not careful they can be very expensive. Make sure that before the car starts moving, you’ve agreed on a price to get you to your destination. Often the bus is the way to go and a trip that lasts around one hour will set you back $1.50-3 AUD.

Save your money by not drinking alcohol

As a Muslim country, drinking is frowned upon. While people still can drink, the government has made it very pricey to do so. Instead, save your money and give your liver a break.

Things to see and do

There are loads of great places to trek in Malaysia and doing so is relatively cheap. You can trek for as little as $10-16 AUD per day. If you want to take in the fascinating underwater sights in Malaysia you’ll want to go diving. This will cost you around $65-80 AUD for two-day dives.

Malaysia is a beautiful destination to visit and there is so much to see and do. If you are looking for a holiday but are working with a limited budget, this is a great place to head to for your next adventure.

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