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Bite-sized Tips For Better Food Photography

Calling all aspiring food bloggers! If your blog isn’t getting the attention that you want, here are a few tips that’ll help improve your food snaps without the need for high-end equipment.


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Lighting is an essential part of the entire process. You’ve probably seen professional photography sets with multiple lights at every angle, but don’t worry, you won’t need to carry around any tripods or reflectors to up your game.

When it comes to food, a single source of light is all you need. Natural light is more than enough to take your snaps from dull and plain-looking to instantly mouth-watering and like-generating. Feed your camera enough light and it’ll leave your readers hungry for more.

Background & Composition

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Many bloggers often forget to take the background into consideration. If the environment your subject is in happens to be too bright, complex, or clashes with the colour tones of the food, then your photo will appear all over the place. Seek backgrounds with simple designs and solid neutral colours such as black, grey, ivory, white, or earthy tones. This way, the meal will remain the star of the show.

For composition, try to keep things as simple as possible. You can add other elements to the frame such as utensils, props found on the table or in the restaurant, and if you really want to go all out ask if the kitchen can spare some raw ingredients for the shot. But do be mindful of how busy the staff and kitchen look.


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When it comes to framing, be adventurous. We’ve all seen a flat lay a million times over, so to up your game, act like a Michelin star chef and start experimenting. Mix and match as many angles and positions as you can. You can try out a 45-degree angle for a standard shot, or you can go for a slightly lower 30-degree angle. Add a dash of simple straight-on and close-up shots as well, leaving you with an array of images that will keep your readers interested.


Once you have a selection of images to choose from, now it’s time to pick the best of the bunch and start editing. For your images to really stand out, a quick touch-up will get your photos looking good enough for Bon Appétit or Food & Wine!

If you’ve never used programmes such as Photoshop, fret not. Apps, such as Instagram or VSCO, offer a decent range of editing options and preset filters that are easy to use. You can play around with the options until your picture is where it needs to be. It’s always best to keep things looking consistent from one edit to the next, which will help establish your signature style.

MAKAN & MINUM – Tune Hotel KLIA2

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