6 Tips for a Thrilling Theme Park Trip in Danga Bay

Theme parks guarantee a rousing time for all ages that will make memories for a lifetime. Those planning to make the trip for their next family vacay will find that most theme park hotels tend to be expensive and isolated from everything else, which isn’t ideal if you’re planning to spend just a day at the park. If you’re looking for a more convenient location to stay, Tune Hotel Danga Bay is not just close to some of Johor Bahru’s top theme parks but to many other attractive sights as well.

We’ve prepared a few winning tips to make your next theme park trip the best one yet.

1. Know the best times to visit each theme park

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Ever excitedly visited a place only to find out you were just a few days too late to catch a big event? FOMO is real and it’s a huge bummer, even if you weren’t planning for it specifically. Before booking your theme park trip, make sure to check their respective event calendars to know the best dates to visit. Universal Studios Singapore, for example, hosts an annual Halloween Horror Night that is a must for fans of fright, while Legoland does seasonal events that usually line up with the school holiday seasons.

2. Have a game plan

You’d be surprised by just how much planning ahead can save you in the long run, both in time and money, even in the park. Check out the park’s map and schedule online to plan your journey through the park accordingly. The more popular rides get longer queues later in the day; hit them up in the morning when queues are the shortest, then work your way to the other rides according to the map so you’re not going back and forth. Don’t forget to factor in your meal times as well as the timing of any park shows you might want to catch.

3. Pack more than you think you need

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It’s always better to be over prepared rather than under. Be sure to pack for all types of weather, because we are all too familiar with how fickle this tropical weather can be. Rain ponchos are particularly useful, especially if you’re going on rides that make a splash. Remember to bring extra clothes in case of emergency, or just in case you get really sweaty and want to change out to something clean and comfortable.

4. Take the shuttle

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Parking prices can rack up when you’re spending the whole day at the theme park. In the case of Universal Studios Singapore, it’s even more expensive to bring your car across the border. If you’re staying at Tune Hotel, our shuttle service will pick you up directly from the hotel and drop you off right at the park’s entrance. All you have to do is be ready to catch the bus on time!

Shuttle schedule
To USS Singapore: 7.30am
From USS Singapore: 6.30pm
To Legoland: 9.30am
From Legoland: 6.00pm
To MCM Studios: Available upon request
From MCM Studios: Available upon request

5. Stay hydrated

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Queueing up in the hot and humid weather is bound to get you thirsty, and dehydrated. Drink water constantly to avoid fainting in the heat, and don’t forget to bring some for the kids. Water sold in theme parks can be extremely overpriced, so be sure to bring your own if the park permits it. Although Legoland and MCM Studios don’t, Universal Studios Singapore has water fountains located all over where you can refill empty tumblers anytime to guzzle while stuck in line. Make a beeline to your closest water source before anything else!

6. Book a stay package at Tune Hotel

We all love a good holiday, but as Malaysians we love getting in Tune with a good deal even more. For greater savings, book one of Tune Hotel Danga Bay’s theme park packages! The package includes tickets to either Legoland, Universal Studios, or MCM Studios, and free shuttle transfer to the theme park of your choice. Find out more on our website.

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