5 Reasons to Stay in a Hotel in Kuala Lumpur International Airport

For avid travelers, staying near an airport is one huge advantage. When your hotel is just a few minutes drive from the airport, you can go to your destination minus the hassle. But what if you are on vacation in another country? Let’s say you are planning an Asian trip. There is a huge possibility that you will have a layover at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This place allows you to sleep overnight. There are plenty of benches, and it is generally a safe place to stay in for a layover. Should you still look for a hotel?

Advantages of sleeping in the airport are one of the major airports in Southeast Asia. It has access to eateries 24 hours. It offers free Wi-Fi, and you can avail the premium lounge if you are an economy class passenger.

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport

While the KLIA boasts modern facilities and allows tourists to have an overnight stay, we cannot ignore the importance of a good night’s rest. The airport may not be the perfect place to stay in especially if you are traveling alone. There are lounges nearby, but they are only available for economy class passengers.

The KLIA is a busy airport with thousands of people coming in on a daily basis so you cannot expect that all your belongings will be secure as you sleep. Besides, could you sleep with hundreds of people walking around you? The airport offers free WiFi, but it is only limited to three hours. There are showers, but you have to pay a certain price to be able to use it.

If sleeping in the airport does not appeal to you, there are nearby hotels that offer all the convenience you need. Here are some reasons why it is better to stay in a KLIA2 hotel than spend the night in the airport:

You can sleep in an air-conditioned room with a comfortable bed

If you have a lengthy layover in Kuala Lumpur, you cannot just stay in the benches for as long as you like. You could take this as an opportunity to explore Kuala Lumpur, but sometimes you are just too tired even to get around. Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in a quality spring mattress. Besides, you can enjoy free WiFi without limitations.

It is more convenient than getting an economy class and paying a separate fee for the lounges.

The lounges are only available for economy class passengers, but that does not mean it is offered for free. It’s either you sign up to the membership program or buy your lounge pass. The membership application is not necessary if you are traveling to Kuala Lumpur once or twice. It will only be available if you often have your layover there.

You can take advantage of the freebies, such as toiletries.

Soap and shampoo are usually offered when you stay in hotels. They also provide toothpaste and toothbrush for the guests.

You are near mall, eateries, and convenience stores.

The hotels are strategically located, meaning you can find stores available for 24 hours. You could find hotels that are located adjacent to the Gateway mall, in case you need to shop.

You don’t have to worry about securing your luggage.

The airport has a Baggage Solution, where you can store your luggage. It comes with a price, of course. You have to shed around RM20-RM50, depending on the size of your belongings. If you are in a hotel then you can sleep soundly without thinking about your belongings.

The ultimate question is, can you afford an overnight stay in a hotel? Worry no more, because you can find hotels that are within your budget. The Tune Hotels is one of the best budget-friendly hotels nearby. You can easily access our hotel because of the covered walkway that connects it to KLIA2. We have an indoor courtyard, bar, and cafe where you can relax while waiting for your flight. This is the best hotel to stay in especially if you have an early flight the next morning. Stay with us so we can take care of your needs. Book early and enjoy the discounts!

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