5 Hacks to Having the Best Time at the KL Comic Fiesta 2018

Elaborate hairstyles, colourful costumes and flashing cameras everywhere – no this isn’t your run of the mill fashion show. We’re talking about Malaysia’s very own Comic Fiesta. A safe haven where geeks – ourselves included – gather to celebrate their love for all things anime, comics and games. Happening from December 22 – 23, we thought it’d be helpful to guide you through the nation’s biggest masquerade party.

Show off your costume

One of the best things about ACG conventions is that fellow cosplayers realise they are not alone. As soon as they reach the event, newcomers instantly feel assured that they can proudly show off the hours they put into constructing their costumes (unlike the time they were the only one dressed up for Halloween at work). Get into your character’s iconic pose and flaunt it!

Meet artists

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Comic Fiesta is one of those rare opportunities where you get to meet artists and illustrators under one roof. It’s not everyday that you will get the chance to chat with the face behind a series you follow religiously. Who knows? They might even offer to draw you as one of their characters. Tens of thousands of artists show off their skills during the event, and you just might find your new favourite style in their midst.

Cosplay etiquette

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None of us want to be ‘that guy’, taking pictures of people without their consent and forgetting to turn off the flash. Whether you’re a seasoned convention-goer or a newbie, you have to be aware that there are rules when it comes to taking pictures of others, in ANY situation. Simply asking for permission before you start snapping is a gesture cosplayers really appreciate. And please, no touching. If it’s not acceptable to touch people randomly on the streets, why would it be any different during Comic Fiesta?

Buy merchandise

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Last, but definitely not least, would be all the merch you can get your hands on! Plushies, action figures and of course, manga – it’s enough to make anyone giddy with excitement. A lot of the booths selling merchandise will be cash-only, so be prepared with a fat wallet. You can even snag some official Comic Fiesta jerseys and posters while you’re there.

Book Direct

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