20 Must-Visit Spots Within 3km of Tune Hotel Penang

A perfectly in tune hotel location is halfway to everywhere. Located smack dab in the middle of Georgetown, Tune Hotel Penang is the ideal launch pad to see, experience, and eat your way through all the best the Pearl of the Orient has to offer.

1. Nasi Kandar Beratur

( https://goo.gl/maps/qSPAstjnsc82 )
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.5km

If there’s one things Malaysians love to do it’s lining up for good food. Nasi Kandar Beratur is an institution in its own right, drawing queues since 1943.

2. Little India

( https://goo.gl/maps/cSiT4GcSrqC2 )
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.7km


Image Source: https://bit.ly/2DQjIdM
Image Credit: flickr.com

A visit to Little India is a treat for all your senses. Take in the scent of incense and spices in the air, the sound of the latest Bollywood music blasting from shops, and psychedelic colours spilling out the storefronts.

3. Hin Bus Depot

( https://goo.gl/maps/ojVetCzuTEp )
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1km

In Penang, old is the new currency. What was once an abandoned bus depot has been transformed into a community space that plays host to regular indoor and outdoor art exhibitions. Apart from the gallery, Hin Bus Depot is home to some of the island’s most popular cafes and bars.

4. Penang Road Famous Cendol

( https://goo.gl/maps/9SfaZ3PuR4o)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 700m


Image Source: https://bit.ly/2OVuKzB
Image Credit: twitter.com

While there’s another cendol stall just across the road, there’s little room for confusion as to which is the famous one. Just park yourself behind the long queue of folks waiting for a bowl of refreshing goodness.

5. Burma Road Apom Stalls

( https://goo.gl/maps/CFtSwoDr3gq)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 650m


Image Source: https://bit.ly/2TvTVwg
Image Credit: trebeccasaw.com

Located side-by-side on Burma Road lie two famous apom stalls; Apom Guan and Apom Chooi. While locals have their own preferences, we say try both to see which fares best for your taste.

6. Pinang Peranakan Mansion

( https://goo.gl/maps/Qd8aX6acC9E2 )
Distance from Tune Hotel: 2.1km


Image Source:https://bit.ly/2DA4VDl
Image Credit: penang.wikia.com

This building used to be the actual home of a 19th century Chinese tycoon! A mansion turned museum dedicated to Penang’s Peranakan heritage, Pinang Peranakan Mansion has history, culture, and nostalgic photo ops all in one place.

7. Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

( https://goo.gl/maps/3JoVQB1DBDU2)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.5km

The pieces of art which put the quiet island on the global map are located all over the Georgetown Heritage site. Part of the fun is in looking for the different murals, which slowly unveils the hidden charms of the heritage city.

8. Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion

( https://goo.gl/maps/AXEuKxu9FNt)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.2km


Image Source: https://bit.ly/2DNk7hp
Image Credit: kosublog.com

Serving as one of the location shoots for the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion is hard to miss with its sapphire-toned walls.

9. Hameed Mee Goreng Sotong

( https://goo.gl/maps/LEPYWoq5eor)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 2.2km


Image Source:https://bit.ly/2FymQwT
Image Credit: malaysiabest.net

Next to Fort Cornwallis, at the Esplanade food court, is where you will find arguably the best mee goreng on the island. Nay, the world. Fair warning though, there is almost always a wait for your plate. Pair the spicy fare with a refreshing glass of ice-cold coconut shake.

10. Sun Yat Sen Museum

( https://goo.gl/maps/yuNLuPJxMUr)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.3km


Image Source: https://bit.ly/2qYLWKU
Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

Who knew the history of China had some of its roots in Penang? The founding father of the Republic of China spent close to four months in what is now the museum building, a architectural artifact in its own right.

11. New Siam Road Char Koay Teow

( https://goo.gl/maps/Q1HC8x3shu72)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.2km


Image Source: https://bit.ly/2zjof4G
Image Credit: penangfoodie.com

The much beloved sight of the elderly uncle frying plates of char kway teow has a new home at Siam Road. He even has his own shop lot and indoor seating area! Talk about an upgrade.

12. Nasi Kandar Line Clear

(https://goo.gl/maps/DTVAaLz7bi92 )
Distance from Tune Hotel: 850m


Image Source:https://bit.ly/2Kspy5X
Image Credit: says.com

One of the most famous nasi kandar joints on the island is practically a hole-in-the-wall. Blink and you might miss it. A wildly popular spot for locals during lunch and dinner, we suggest dropping by during off-peak hours.

13. Penang Street of Harmony

( https://goo.gl/maps/eL1QUdbwTx22)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.4km



Image Source: https://bit.ly/2zhn3ik
Image Credit: lokalocal.com

Not an actual street in and of itself, the stretch of road got its name for being home to a mosque, church, Hindu temple, and Taoist temple. Proof that the phrase ‘a melting pot of cultures’ isn’t just a cliche in Penang. It’s a matter of fact.

14. Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck

( https://goo.gl/maps/41TknFBBSp82)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 700m

The skywalk and observatory deck delivers breathtaking 360-degree views of the island. Those with a fear of heights may not take too well to this activity.


Image Source: https://bit.ly/2QdvjJO
Image Credit: curiostraveller.com

Or maybe it’s perfect for agoraphobes after all.

15. Penang Clan Jetty

( https://goo.gl/maps/9jyTu579gHS2)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.8km

Time seems to have stood still at the jetties that a few Chinese clans of old still call home. Remember your camera because this is one of the island’s most photographed locations.

16. Kuih Nyonya Moh Teng Pheow

( https://goo.gl/maps/UU2thySbtKU2)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.3km

Bite into a cornucopia of delectable local kuihs made the traditional Peranakan way.

17. Corgi & The Gang Pet Cafe

( https://goo.gl/maps/oeCCvvEm7ZB2)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 140m

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2Fwsrn6
Image Credit: myfave.com

Grab a cup of coffee in the company of friendly furries. Huskies and eponymous corgis play hosts at this pet-friendly cafe.

18. Penang Malay Gallery

( https://goo.gl/maps/oHN54scbALr)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 450m

Image Source:https://bit.ly/2PECxHo
Image Credit: placesmap.net

Explore the gallery to learn more about the history of the Malay settlement on the island, who they were and what they did to establish their presence.

19. Penang Time Tunnel

( https://goo.gl/maps/hvcfTvA8rtQ2)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 1.9km

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2Q7G3JM
Image Credit: thestar.com

Travel in time at this museum that transforms Penang’s history from as far back as 400 years ago into interactive exhibits.

20. Lunabar Cafe

( https://goo.gl/maps/sSKhQTLLeHo)
Distance from Tune Hotel: 600m

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2KmIDX9
Image Credit: penangfoodie.com

Pairing artisan desserts with fine coffee or matcha-based drinks, this highly Instagrammable cafe draws crowds seeking a good brew and new profile picture.

After a long day out, there’s no better feeling than washing off the day with a hot shower and lying down on fluffy five-star beds. Make the most of your vacation when you book your stay at Tune Hotel Penang.

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