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Room rates start from IDR 130,000 *per night

Tune Hotel


Address :

Tune Hotel - Solo
Jl. Supomo No. 49, Solo

Tel:+62 271 7889333

  • Quick Info
    • Located in the heart of Solo with attractions including Museum Danar Hadi, Pasar Klewer, Triwindu market.
    • Our hotel located is only 20 minutes from Adisumarmo airport.
    • Just 15 minutes walk to Ngarsopuro and 5 minutes walk to Paragon Mall.
    • Check in time : 2:00pm onwards
    • Check out time : 11:00am

Hotel Services

This is a list of the general services & amenities that we provide at our hotel.

24 Hour Reception
Non-Smoking Building
24 Hour Security
Accessible Rooms Avai ...
In Room Safe
Ceiling Fan
Meeting Rooms
Luggage Storage

Optional Add-ons

We keep our room prices low and sensible by allowing you to customise your stay. Find out more about our optional add-ons.

Towel Rental & Toilet ...
Breakfast Set
Early Check In
Late Check Out
Air Conditioning

Add-ons Pack

Boost your stay with our packaged add-ons. Find out more about our add-on packs.

  • Comfort Package

    Towel Rental & Toiletries
    Air Conditioning
  • Cozy Package

    Towel Rental & Toiletries
    Air Conditioning

    Kasunanan Palace
    Kasunanan Palace as also called Karaton Surakarta Hadiningrat is only 15 minutes from hotel by taxi and was built in 1745 by King Pakubuwono th 2nd. This is the mainly thing of Karaton Surakarta at the same time with the finding of this city. Inside of the palace, there is an exotic art gallery and a museum with exiting heirlooms of the kingdom. A cart and its coachman, ancient weapons and a keris (Javanese Traditional Weapon), and also antique matters. In the yard of the palace, which is dominated by a tower called Panggung Sanggabuwana, a mysterious tower as a place for the king to meet the ruler of the south sea. There is no such a prestigious and peaceful monument for tradition, art, and culture of Javanese classic kingdom.
    Ndalem Wuryaningratan
    This precious cultural heritage was built on 1890 by a Dutch architect who was specially asked to design a special residence for a King son in law. The outside of the building is in European style with a canopy in front of it, complete with solid pillars.
    Kampoeng Batik Kauman
    Kampoeng batik kauman is nearby with Keraton Kasunanan and is only takes 10 minutes by taxi The batik product of Kauman Village are made from natural silk and weaving silk materials and premmisima cotton.
    Mankunegaran Palace
    Istana (palace) Mangkunegaran is a well known palace in Solo or Surakarta besides Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat. Mangkunegaran sites are located at the center area of the city. Mangkunegaran sites are located at the center area of the city. From outside, this palace is hidden from a high wall that was built surround the palace is hidden from a high wall that was built surround the palace. As we are walking into the palace from the entrance door we will find a giant traditional Javanese building which is called as “Pendapa”. Three sets of “gamelan” are arranged neatly inside the pendapa. Once in a week (Wednesday at 10 a.m.), there is a dance performance held in this Pendapa. Next to the pendapa visitor may look around the exhibition room in the main building where private collections from the previous kings are kept and exhibited. There are jewelries, photos, weapon, accessories, and more collections displayed inside this room. Next to the exhibition room visitor will be guided to the places inside the main building like palace garden and dining room and meeting room. The last place to go is a room placed at the east side of the palace, where all the Mangkunegaran’s carriages are kept and treated.
    The Triwindu Antique Market
    Pasar Triwindu is a traditional flea market that sell antique items, located is front of Mangkunegaran and is only 10 minutes from hotel by taxi. Although it is a traditional market, the has more fresh and modern decorations though still retaini it's cultural design after restoration in 2010. Here, visitors can find coins, radio, keris, lamps, leather puppet, kid toys, wooden or bronze statue and also reproduction on antiques. This market was name Windujenar.
    Pasar Klewer
    Pasar Klewer, a traditional market for textile, mostly batik. Located off the west gate of Keraton's North Square and is only 15 minutes from hotel by taxi. As in any other traditional markets in Indonesia, you will have to bargain.