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The energy town of Sarawak



Twin room

Tune Hotel


Address :

Tune Hotel - Bintulu
No.203 Lot 7932
Assyakirin Commercial Square
97000 Bintulu

Tel:086-314 172

  • Quick Info
    • Located at the Assyakirin Commerce Square, near Medan Jaya.
    • Handicraft and gift shop located within our hotel.
    • 800 metre from Bintulu Medical Centre
    • 3.2km from the Bintulu Golf Club
    • Distance from Jalan Bintulu Airport: 20km
    • Check in time : 2:00pm onwards
    • Check out time : 11:00am

Hotel Services

This is a list of the general services & amenities that we provide at our hotel.

24 Hour Reception
24 Hour Security
Accessible Rooms Avai ...
In Room Safe
Ceiling Fan
Car Park
Luggage Storage

Optional Add-ons

We keep our room prices low and sensible by allowing you to customise your stay. Find out more about our optional add-ons.

Towel Rental & Toilet ...
Early Check In
Late Check Out
Air Conditioning

Add-ons Pack

Boost your stay with our packaged add-ons. Find out more about our add-on packs.

  • Comfort Package

    Towel Rental & Toiletries
    Air Conditioning
  • Cozy Package

    Towel Rental & Toiletries
    Air Conditioning

    Pasar Utama Bintulu & Pasar Tamu
    Mingle and join the locals doing their daily chores at the unique Pasar Utama and the nearby Pasar Tamu. Right in the hub of Bintulu Town, the Pasar Utama is both a wet and fish market under one roof. Not only that, you can savour the local delicacies such as "mee jawa, rojak, laksa and cencol" and quench your thirst on the first floor's food stalls.

    A taste of local offereings can be found at the Pasar Tamu. From wild & jungle products to native "home-made" specialties. Pasar Tamu has them all! read more
    Taman Tumbina
    Taman Tumbina Bintulu is an integration of a botanical and zoological garden. The name TUMBINA originates from the Malay words TUMbuhan (meaning Plant) and BINAtang (animal).

    Tumbina was created with a vision to be A Living Heritage Of The Flora & Fauna Of Borneo. The objectives are (i) Recreation, (ii) A Unique Tourism Product, (iii) Education, (iv) Conservation and (v) Research & Development. read more
    Similajau National Park
    Similajau (about 30 minute's drive from Bintulu) has emerald water, tropical rainforest and long, golden sandy beaches.

    The Park's close proximity to Bintulu makes it one of the state's more accessible parks. It is popular with the local people and those interested in seeing birds of prey like the sea eagle and Brahminy kite. Other animals that may appear in the Park are turtles, monkeys and wild boar. read more
    Kampung Jepak
    Take a short ride in Bot Tambang (river bus) and meet the fishermen community at the nearby fishing village across the Kemena River. You will be surprised to see the traditional feature and lifestyle of the Bintulu Melanau such as fish drying, manufacturing of the renowed Bintulu Belacan (shrimps paste), Cencaluk (salted shrimps) and sago processing are still very much alive. The sight will bring you back to the nostalgia of the old Bintulu as a fishing village. read more
    Bintulu Promenade
    The latest attraction to Bintulu is the 120-acre Bintulu Promenade, the state's longest waterfront attraction similar to the one in Kuching. It is a commercial and recreational park rolled into one and strategically located near the delta of Kemena River. Perfect place for a relaxing stroll and to watch sunset and enjoy the evening breeze. read more
    Tanjung Batu Beach
    Fancy a rocky and sandy beach side-by-side? This unique feature happens to be the attraction to Tanjung Batu Beach (which is also how the name is given, "Rocky Isthmus"). It is a place where people in Bintulu jog and stroll their way along the beach, or the road with their families, apart from taking a sun-tanning session. read more