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  • Mid Year Getaway

    Book your mid year holiday today and save 20% off your stay!

  • Rooftop bars

    Experience the stunning and unobstructed panoramic views across the Nairobi skyline from our rooftop bars. 

  • Upside Down

    Hold on to your handles! Stay at Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching and enjoy 50% off your tickets to the Upside Down House Kuching, located just a few steps away!

  • RM5 off for Asia Camera Museum

    Enjoy RM5 off for Asia Camera Museum entrance fee with your room key card!

  • Platform 5 at Edinburgh

    There is a saying that “it is always better to travel than to arrive”, however Platform 5 at Edinburgh’s famous Haymarket junction aims to challenge that notion.

  • Restaurants

    With our onsite restaurants you have everything you need for a perfect stay!

  • FAQ

    FAQs – Tune Hotel – Nairobi, Westlands

  • Waterfront Kuching Triple Fun

    Experience triple fun when you stay at Waterfront Kuching. Show off your bowling skills, watch blockbuster movies and simply indulge in local authentic delicacies.