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Germany / English
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Hotel Location
United Kingdom
Full-Day Room
Day-Use Room
Check-In Time
2.00 pm onwards
8.00 am onwards***
2.00 pm onwards
3.00 pm onwards
2.00 pm onwards
Check-Out Time
11.00 am sharp
6.00 pm sharp****
11.00 am sharp
10.00 am sharp
11.00 am sharp
Early Check-In
11.00 am onwards †
12.00 pm onwards
11.00 am onwards
Late Check-Out
2.00 pm sharp †
1.00 pm sharp
2.00 pm sharp
Housekeeping frequency for occupied room
Daily **
Upon Check-Out
Every 3 days (ie if check-in on Monday,
next cleaning is on Thursday)*

**** Check-out time for Day-Use Room is based on the check-in time and hours of stay, subject to terms and conditions set by Tune Hotels.
*** Check-in time for Day-Use Room is subject to availability
** Housekeeping may be declined with the use of the "Do Not Disturb tag" in the room.
* Additional housekeeping services are available for a minimal fee as an add-on.
† For selected hotels only. Please refer individual hotel page. Additional charges apply to the highlighted.