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BIG Basic

Q01. What is BIG?
A01. BIG is the only card that rewards you with free flights on AirAsia through flights and everyday purchases. It's a fast track rewards program where you can earn loyalty points (“BIGGIES”) for FREE AirAsia flights and also redeem at participating partners like Tune Hotels worldwide.
Q02. How do I apply for BIG Card?
A02. BIG Card will be issued for all global applications and the easiest way to join is to apply online which will only take 5 minutes. Login to and click on Sign Up button and:
  1. Provide your personal details
  2. Setup your BIG Shot Email ID
  3. Verify your email address & re-login into the BIG Portal
  4. Pay the joining fee
Visit to apply for BIG now
Q03. What is a BIG Shot?
A03. Every BIG cardholder is identified as BIG Shot.
Q04. What is a BIG Shot ID?
A04. BIG Shot ID is the unique ID number assigned to each BIG Shot to earn loyalty points (BIGGIES).
Q05. What are BIGGIES?
A05. BIGGIES are loyalty points you earn when you pay using your BIG Card to purchase AirAsia tickets or when you book room stays and other add-on's with Tune Hotels
Q06. Are there any other charges for my BIG Card (Loyalty)?
A06. Our fees are affordable. Fees for using BIG are set out below:
  • Joining Fee : MYR 10.00
  • Annual Fee : MYR 5.00
  • Replacement card - lost/stolen/damage : 500 BIGGIES OR RM 5
  • Card cancellation : FREE
  • Transaction hard copy : FREE
*For other countriesy, please refer to for the correct fee charges of the respective country currency.
Q07. Why is BIG Card (Loyalty) the best option for buying AirAsia flights and staying with Tune Hotels?
A07. For every AirAsia ticket purchased, you will earn double BIGGIES which enables you to accumulate for Free Flights in the future. Earn 1 BIGGIE for every RM 2 when you book hotel stays with Tune Hotels worldwide.
Q08. What are the detailed terms and conditions for BIG Card?
A08. Please click here for BIG Card terms and conditions.
Q09. How do I contact BIG for help?
A09. We are always here to help you. You can:
  1. Use Ask BIG, our online search engine for all your frequently asked questions at
  2. Send us your feedback/inquiry using the Contact Us form
Q10. I heard that almost anyone can apply for BIG Card (Loyalty). Is that true?
A10. Yes, it is opened to everyone aged 2 years old and above.
To sign up now, click here
Q11. Can I have a supplementary card?
A11. For now, there will be no supplementary cards. However, your spouse, partner or friend can apply for their very own BIG Card to enjoy the rewards BIG has to offer.
Q12. How soon can I get my BIG Card (Loyalty)?
A12. Your BIG Card will arrive at your doorstep between 14 to 30 days of your application being approved.
Q13. How do I pay the MYR 10 joining fee?
A13. You can pay joining fee online upon sign up at
Q14. I received an email asking me to verify my email address. Why do I need to do that and how do I do it?
A14. You must verify your email address for future correspondence nd to process your BIG Card application.
To verify your email address, simply click on the link in the email and follow the instructions. If this doesn't work, you may need to cut and paste the link into your web browser.
If you encounter problems validating your email address, please send us feedback via AskBIG at